What do names like Valeo, Bosch, Denso, Hitachi, Behr, Hella, Aisin and NGK have in common? They are just some of the Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) that are stocked at Metric Auto Parts. These OES companies supply the vehicle manufactures at the factory and offer the absolute highest quality product available. At Metric Auto Parts we stock these OES brand names at significant savings. These are the brands that professional shops demand and we make them available to everyone.

Metric Auto Parts also stocks a complete inventory of non OES lines for cars with high mileage, cars that are 'only at 200,000 miles' or anyone repairing on a budget. These product lines are often referred to as 'Economy' lines but we don't like that term at Metric Auto Parts. We use only the highest quality aftermarket suppliers in our value lines. In comparison to other suppliers, our value or non OES line would be the same quality as their premium line.

Unfortunately, there are some really poor quality products available in the market today. It takes a lot of research and testing to weed out the poor performers and find the shining stars. With the help of industry peers, we continuously monitor our vendors' practices along with their products and hold them accountable for ethically delivering a superior product. We try whenever possible to continue to source country of origin parts. This means you will likely receive a European made part for your European vehicle, a Japanese part for your Japanese vehicle and a Korean part for your Korean vehicle. Many part suppliers are simply sourcing the lowest priced product from China they can find and putting it in a box with their name on it. This practice gives the industry a bad reputation but you can be assured we do not participate in this practice.

We invite customers to stop in for a tour and see for yourself aisle after aisle of the top brands available!


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